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Intranet System Alerts 2012 Intranet System Alerts 2012 [Harmon Law, PC]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and HTML


  • 700+ employees generate a lot of email. Even with very strict standards regarding personal use, the proliferation of email on a daily basis is staggering for a small business with a single Exchange server. To compound the problem, every single email must be archived for legal purposes. That is a huge amount of storage space.
  • A quick analysis revealed the top offenders of email proliferation on the network:
  • The Case Management application automated email reminders for tasks legal processes.
  • Notification emails with PDF and Word attachments detailing changes in state and federal law, company policy changes, and client process directives.
  • Notifying other employees or departments of special circumstances on a case.
  • Notification of all high priority notes on a case.

It was simple in theory; add the reminders to the case management system in lieu of emails and store them in the database related to the case(s).

Application Details:

  • Display alerts (with links when needed) and record read activity which pertain to a specific case or subset of cases to be viewed by an employee or employee group.
  • Create a way for directors and managers to upload documents with an alert.
  • Create an admin for automated system alerts and their trigger criteria.
  • Administrate alert criteria, display dates, number of displays, and implement a tracking system for managers to insure that employees were viewing the system alerts.

SQL Server control tables for the alert logic that matched case specific data such as state, vendor, client, department, legal team, or job titles. This way the system alerts could be displayed via a floating AJAX driven div window.

Project Involvement:
Coded 90% leaving some AJAX development to others.

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