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Tourism Web Portal 1995

Tourism Web Portal 1995 [Azotus Technologies, Inc.]

PERL, CGI, JavaScript and HTML

It seems like over a hundred years ago, but it was the days when only engineers had Compuserve email addresses, AOL was sending out floppies and Yahoo! was the king of search. Our little web company (2 Macs, a pager and an answering machine!) had a request from a local entrepreneur to create a virtual Cape Cod experience. We sat on the deck with a few cool drinks and brainstormed what it would look like what would it have for content, and how would we deliver a quality experience on 14,400 modems?

Because bandwidth was at a premium and our clientele was primarily the hospitality industry, we set to work creating something that felt like chamber of commerce brochures, but used primarily text. As a marketing tool, we bought CDs with every address in the region. These were converted to flat files and in a few evenings we had listed the entire Cape! No one had done this before, and by 1998 there were 500 web sites, and over 1,000 paying customers!

Project Involvement:

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