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eCommerce Site 1998

eCommerce Site 1998 [Webfodder]

ASP and Microsoft Access 2.0

The days of brochure web sites was coming to an end. Small and large companies wanted to sell directly off the internet. Microsoft was late to the internet game, having focused on Access as the small business database. In the late 1990s, with the advent of Active Server Pages, it became feasible to connect a web layer to the data layer.

ASP/Access was a better solution than the flat file PERL databases we were currently using. The relationship made more complex queries possible.

The project was to create a site that could be used by any business to sell all sorts of products and services. I went to work basically reverse engineering while adding scripting that would allow us to turn on a store simply by having the customer fill in an online form. We added to that a payment processing API once known as and our store was born. Over the years, it grew to add user defined fields, but the database architecture remained essentially the same.

Project Involvement:

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