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Multilingual Software Registrati

Multilingual Software Registration Site 2009 [Nuance Communications]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, Flash, CSS and HTML

Most of the world is familiar with Nuance’ Dragon Naturally Speaking R. Part of their marketing strategy is to email registered users and get them to voluntarily register. Getting a valid email and proper mailing address was especially important. All of that was multiplied by an expanding overseas sales presence and software releases in 21 languages.

Build an interface that users could find on the web, or connect to directly from the registration button, within the software. It would need to be easily readable by everyone while using some sophisticated logic to determine the validity of the information.

Application Details:
• Checking for proper email address syntax by the use of JavaScript, VB logic and a 3rd party COM object to verify valid domains and check for MX records.
• Predict languages using a 3rd party database of domain/IP address combinations.
• Build an interface in Flash that would allow users to choose alternative languages.
• Script the web site in such a way that all text, buttons, disclaimers, JavaScript errors and controls could be changed using one set of ASP application files. This was accomplished using UTF-8 VB includes. The include files were written using the MS File System Object.
• Make the site secure.
• Provide email confirmations of address before giving access to personal information.
• Database serial numbers of all Nuance/Scansoft products.
• Archive changed information.
• Allow users to set preferences for mail, email and phone support.
• Up-sell users registering older versions of a product.
• Cross-sell users registering the latest version of a product.
• Create an export tool for email campaigns based on products and versions.
• Report on email counts, segments and performance.
• Interface with Mail Blast API.

Project Involvement:
100% excluding the actual foreign language translation.

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