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Call Center CRM Management 2004

Call Center CRM Management 2004 [InSeason Resorts]

Technologies: SQL, ASP, JavaScript

InSeason resorts was a timeshare resort company. They made thousands of calls each week, most from paper “leads”. The project: create a way to load, cycle and status these phone calls every shift.

The project in theory was really simple - deliver a phone number to the screen with a way to status the call and give the next lead.

There were lots of business rules for what the telemarketers could see, change, and how long they could sit staring at the phone number before dialing it. Oh, and it had to work for 120 phones in 5 locations.

The basic set up was a database of sales leads with all the contact information. Sales management would create a campaign and pick a segment of leads in the system. The group would be delivered on a first come, first served basis to the call team. The managers could set the leads to show, or not show, address information with a meta data

Project Involvement:

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