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Integrated HR Case Management App. 2009 [Harmon Law, PC]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML

With over 700 employees, the manual system of securing personnel files made it difficult to comply with HIPPA privacy laws. The proper handling of personal information is strictly enforced by both federal and state agencies. In addition, certain employee contact information must be made available to a variety of clients, other departments, as well as litigants. This contact information was maintained in Excel spreadsheets and manually updated by the HR staff. A lot of work!

Because the Case Management System also required some of this same information, as well as employee contact information for merging legal documents, the same data existed about a half a dozen places, in addition to the paper files.

Create a data-driven HR application that would interface employee information, starting with the employment application through to their separation - all while providing it to all internal and external data sources as required. The application would need to track everything for the employee’s permanent record, as well as any audits required by law. All of that, while keeping with state and federal privacy laws.

Phase I was simply to identify all of the possible uses for a single employee record and the extended properties that would be needed for Case Management, reporting and exported to external vendor systems. These included the employment application (base record), the HR file, internal and external phones lists, parking permits, attorney bar cards, notary public expirations, building key cards, ID tag photos, attorney and legal staff bios, org charts, document and email signatures, case management reporting, time tracking, training, and exports for payroll, insurance and 401K vendors.

Phase II was to architect the system so that the “point of truth” propagated new employees, termed past employees (shut down email, Active Directory and Case Management access at a click), and reflected contact and title changes within the organization.

Application Details:
• The base record was created by the employment applicant. Saving lots of typos, transposition and manual data processing for HR and IT.
• Employee New Hire checklists were created and notification alerts added to the database with links based on the date of hire. Alerts were created for managers, HR, IT and facilities services.
• Once hired, a permanent HR (6 am on the start date) record was created via a SQL job. It also added them to org charts, phone lists, created an Active Directory, Exchange and Case Management accounts.
• A daily job would follow-up for any unfinished check list items until all required tasks were completed.
• The Employment Separation job would run daily at the days end to deactivate all accounts and send out required checklists. There was a Terminate Now feature if desired.
• This project took about 5 months to complete, as 12 years of legacy data needed to be cleaned and related to a variety of new information.

Project Involvement:
90%. Subcontractors did some of the data hygiene using SQL scripts that I wrote. They also added some AJAX features for error checking on the new employee interface.

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