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Online SQL Manager 2008 [Nuance Communications]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Create an application which would be a UI for SQL server so that you could connect to a database via the web without using Enterprise Manager. The most challenging part was managing the display of table and view objects as well as the concatenation of SQL query strings, complex queries and dynamic sorting without the use of JavaScript or AJAX.

The bulk of database web sites require that users manage the data by adding, updating and deleting it. Of course you need to create a table or a view too. Using Access, SQL Server Management Studio or Enterprise Manager requires software that isn’t always installed on a workstation or public PC.

It was also essential to be able to create an admin tool for data-driven sites. Here is what I did:

• I made a UI which would allow the user to enter in a database DSN or connection string.
• Using a query to table widget, I would display all the records in a record set.
• Once connected to the database, it would query the System Tables for all the non-system databases on that server, displaying a list.
• By clicking on the Server Name, the page would display a list of tables and updatable views.
• By clicking on a table name or view, it would display a list of paginated records using some dynamic VBScript to build the table, the pagination, and the sorting features.
• Using the Field Type in the system table, each field was converted to the proper HTML field type for a full editable record.

Project Involvement:

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