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Webinar Management Application 2 Webinar Management Application 2006 [Nuance Communications]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Bringing together a webinar from start to finish took a lot of man hours. Marketing had to choose a date, find a presenter, write email copy for email invitations, thank you, reminders; set up an online webinar, reserve the phone bridge, proof read the copy, track registrations, report on attendance, export leads for sales and follow-up. Even the most popular CRM tools, costing thousands of dollars, could not manage this business process.

Create a data-driven intranet application that would catalog the entire process while integrating with Eloqua email blast software and the SalesForce CRM application. The Webinar Tool needed to be flexible enough to include multiple webinar and phone bridge vendors for our international offices in 21 countries - all while allowing each department to maintain their own email templates, registration information and approval process.

The business process, although very customized at some points, followed a similar timeline. Therefore I organized the UI so that each business event was on a separate wizard screen, creating the 9 major steps in the process (see above screen 2). Each step relied on the completion of the one before it and included workflow email reminders and a job to scan for past due tasks.

Once the presenter and vendor were set up, the email creation process began. I used a JavaScript WSIWYG HTML editor with a custom data merge feature. All the merged emails could be saved as templates for later reuse. Each email had a custom approval process defined by the users. Some were done by an admin and approved by a manager while others were created by the eCommerce team. A drag-able DIV floated over the email proof page where edits and suggestions could be made.

The merged emails could be exported for use in Eloqua. The blast reports were picked up using an API feed which added analytics back into the system.

At the end of the webinar campaign, the results were exported to SalesForce and the sales follow-up process began.

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