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Corporate Training Application 2

Corporate Training Application 2012 [Harmon Law, PC]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and HTML

New Massachusetts privacy laws required all employees and contractors to be trained in the proper handling of sensitive personal information related to credit contracts. In addition, to limit liability in legal cases, corporate clients required the firm to train employees for specific tasks and legal processes related to their individual cases.

Create a data-driven application that would interface with existing HR employee information and case management application data. The application would need to track all corporate training and archive it as part of the employee’s permanent record.

Application Details:
• The application would need to have training courses categorized by department, client specific, along with details of course description, prerequisites, and whether or not it was required.
• The application would need to create a training event (time, date, location) while adding it to the corporate calendar, and making Outlook appointments available with a click.
• It would need an audience builder tool to create groups of employees by various departments, teams, and functions.
• It would need a registration and attendance tracking UI.
• It needed to create digital certificates of completion.
• Reports, reminders, and alerts.
• Jobs that ran against hire dates, last training date for sending attendance reminders, and for managers, a list of required training for their team.

Project Involvement:
98% - some of the jobs were created by the DBA.

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