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Enterprise CRM 2004

Enterprise CRM 2004 [InSeason Resorts]

ASP, SQL, JavaScript, XML, HTML

The creation of the Call Center Online app pleased management because of the detailed reports and lead aging information that was available. We began to link leads from the web, phone center, mail and email, as well as the reservations system. Leads were managed from the front of the house to the back within the same system!

The new CRM tool gave us a contact profile for many customers that were unrelated data systems. By instituting front desk procedures, InSeason was able to gather more information, linking together various channels of customer touches. This data was put into a 4-tiered touch campaign designed to bring a customer to the next level of engagement.

CRM is a simple concept: manage customer data while reporting on the ROI of varied channels of marketing and unique customer touches. And a supply a meaningful relationship between each data type!

� I held discovery meetings to learn about all the types of marketing InSeason was doing. From direct mail, email blast, in house promotions, purchased lead opportunities, online portals, and many more. It was my job to help them track a phone call to the front desk with customer history that included reservation, telemarketing, mall contest entry forms and web usage.
� Architect a unique customer record and supporting extended property collections. This included a Call Center app, specialized web tracking (hits, SEO and PPC), hotel reservation system and a Caller ID application. Each one tracked a lead type, and related them all to the same customer record.
� Architect a set of relationship tables to tie all the lead and touch sources together.
� Create reports and apps to support the data.

It took about 5 months, but when I was done, we could track a customer via the phone (inbound or outbound), the web site, web portals and search engines, in person at a resort, or through scanned snail mail transactions.

Project Involvement:

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