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Search Engine Optimization Manag Search Engine Optimization Management Console 2002 [Coastal Software]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Getting to the top of any of the search engines has always been the goal of those doing business on the web. With the advent of paid listings, organic listings became even more valuable. Therefore, managing keyword phrases was essential for solid first page organic listings.

• Create a UI that would facilitate the management of micro sites for specific key word phrases.
• Create a database to house the content, domain names and meta page data.
• Keep track of changes and allow reporting to be compared to those content changes.

Each micro site would be specific to a key word phrase, and the content was spliced with marketing copy to accommodate the insertion of those phrases. Each phrase had it’s own site, pages, content, meta tags and could be managed from a single console.

Project Involvement:


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