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ISP: CAPEInternet

ISP [CapeInternet] 1994

Linux and HTML.

One day my friend Tim and I tried to get on the internet and couldnít connect for nearly an hour. Finally, the BBN hosting page came on the screen, and suddenly we were disconnected again. Tim and I decided to start CapeInternet (now Earthlink). We registered with InterNIC, ordered a 386K leased line, ten 14,400 modems, ten residential phone lines from NYNEX, a Macintosh Webstar web server and a Livingston Port Server. We were in the ISP business!

The problem was offering toll-free access from outside our calling region. We got to work on the problem. Call forwarding was the answer. We had friends, which for free internet access would let us install phone lines on their houses. Those were call forwarded to the next hop and into the modems under the desk in our Hyannis Park office. The problem was solved, and Cape Codís first toll free internet access was born.

Project Involvement:
100% of email set up, web design and hosting responsibilities. Some dial-up configuration.

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