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Domain Hosting Registration Tool 1994 [CapeInternet]


The ISP business flourished and when a new investor came on, I took my web design service and founded Azotus Technologies, Inc. Our first project was to create a domain registration tool so that CAPEInternetís dial up customers could virtually host their own web sites. It was a cumbersome process: registering the domain, adding a virtual host to the Linux web server, setting up the DNS and MX records, adding email accounts to Sendmail, and then notifying the customer once the process was complete. The hosting tool simplified the process by using a set of HTML forms and a down and dirty CGI program written in PERL.

The customer would enter in the domain name they wanted and it would do an NS look up. If the name was available, they filled in the registration and billing information and checked a box for us to run it on their credit card by sending us an email in the office. The CGI program would send it off to NetSol and read the confirmation emails as they arrived using PERL. Another program would parse the emails into a database, set up the domain on the web server, and send the customer an email with ftp instructions and some links for web site tutorials.

Of course this sort of system is now common place with giants like GoDaddy, but in those days it was cutting edge for a small ISP.

Project Involvement:

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