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HR Management Application 2004

HR Management Application 2004 [InSeason Resorts]

SQL, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Hiring seasonal help during the resort season to staff 6 hotels is a monumental task � especially when it is all on paper. Receiving about 1700 employment applications a year at 11 locations, the internet was the perfect tool to keep track of it all!

I went to work designing an online application center that would manage the legal and organizational needs of hiring in three states. The employment application was done in a wizard format. Each section could be saved and recalled with an account login including: contact, education and work history information along with an upload for a resume.

Once the applications were completed, an email was sent to HR lining them to it. HR would determine if the applicant should be considered or not, status the application and notify the hiring manager, applicant and other appropriate parties.

If an applicant was hired, they would automatically be added to the HR database, while making exports for benefits and payroll systems.


Project Involvement:
90% The DBA helped engineer the download to each location from the SQL Cluster.


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