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Email Blaster App 2000 [Coastal Software]

ASP and Microsoft Access 2.0

As SPAM proliferated on the internet, it turned out to be a positive sales tool. Mailing lists became the rage. Even Netscape had a huge one. Gavazzi-Mupac, a manufacturing client, came to us and asked if there was a way to craft emails, proof them and then send them out to subscribers while keeping track of the responses? Great question! It was not one that we had even considered at the time.

I built an Access database for the names and addresses. CDONTS was used to send the automated emails with a simple VBScript Do While. A VB app watched the Exchange Server for bounced or returned emails, and Active Server Pages recorded the click activity tracking the data.

The project was ahead of the curve again. It wasn’t until 2003 that email blast sites became popular with the passage of the Can Spam Act.

Project Involvement:

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